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Training & Coaching for Law Firms, Lawyers and Counsel

Business Law School

Sterling Development International Limited

Training, Coaching, Law Firms, Lawyers, Counsel (PDF)

Venue: Kyiv, Ukraine
Duration: constantly


Adding Value to Law Firms
Client Projects
The Environment for Learning Non-Technical Skills
Continuous Development Programmes for Lawyers
Managing Partner Programme
Sample Services, Small Group Training & 1:1 Coaching
English Law & Communication Skills for Overseas Lawyers (Private Practice)
Contract Drafting for Overseas Lawyers & In-House Counsel
English Law and Communication for Overseas (In-House) Lawyers
English Law & Communication for Overseas Financial Lawyers & In-House Counsel
Written English Communication for Overseas Lawyers & In-House Counsel

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Контактна особа в Україні: Мачуський Володимир Володимирович;