Intellectual Vanity and Movement of Law

Vanity Fair is an English novel by William Makepeace Thackeray

Volodymyr Machuskyy Sr.

Intellectual vanity denies the possibility of comprehending reality, proclaims the limitations of knowledge and creates a scientific fallacy – a phanomen of law, which is doomed to unattainability and otherworldly existence.

Similarly, the starry sky for an inexperienced observer seems frozen, and the stars themselves are motionless, but the observer can not stop the movement of the stars.

Thereby, the рhanomen of law cannot stop the movement of law as a nomen – eternally moving, real and reasonably real.

Shaky phenomenology sometimes leads to a denial of the effectiveness of law itself and gives grounds for proclaiming the thesis of a crisis of legal thought. Hence, there are attempts leveling the Law to an ordinary instrument of economics.

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