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Vaccine Mandates and Law

The main purpose of the trial lesson is the acquisition of communicative competence by students, sufficient for the practical use of the English language, both in professional activity and for the purposes of personal communication and self-education.
The tasks for the lesson:
1) learn- a) the vocabulary/correct pronunciation of the words, b) be ready to explain their meanings and the idiom “File a claim” in English 
2) watch video episode and be ready to do the test (you’ll do the test at the lesson)
3) read the article mindfully and put 2 questions to each paragraph (print them directly in the box “Put questions to the text”)
4) think about the answers you’ll give to the questions from the section “Issues for discussion”.


Vaccine mandate -it’s a law that says you must be vaccinated to do certain things like working, traveling, or even attending a concert.

A Lawyer is a generic term to describe a legal practitioner.

A Solicitor is a type of lawyer in Britain who provide legal advice for client usually in one or more areas of law. He defends people in lower court of law.

 A Barrister is a type of lawyer in Britain who can argue cases in the higher courts of law.

An attorney is a lawyer that has passed a bar examination.

An advocate is specialist lawyer. He does not deal with client directly.

Freedom of religion or belief is the right to hold and manifest any religion or belief.

A request –  a way of saying that a party to a lawsuit (or usually the attorney) is asking or demanding a judge to act (such as issuing a writ) or demanding something from the other party (such as production of documents).

A writ is a written document issuing a legal order

Meaningful relief – the redress or assistance that a party seeks from a court.

Complain to make a formal accusation or charge (ex. He threatened to complain of him to the captain).

Downtime – period during which an equipment or machine is not functional or cannot work.

Undergo – to go through 

A lawsuit is a civil legal action by one person or entity (the “plaintiff”) against another person or entity (the “defendant”), to be decided in a court. 

Vaccination policy is the health policy a government adopts in relation to vaccination. Vaccination policies have been developed over the approximately two centuries since the invention of vaccination with the purpose of eradicating disease from, or creating a herd immunity for, the population the government aims to protect.
Vaccinations are voluntary in some countries and mandatory in others, with mandatory vaccination policies sometimes leading to opposition.

Idiom: “File a claim”. Syn.: file a statement of claim, file a complaint, make a claim, submit a demand.
As a verb, “claim” means to put forth a formal demand for money that is due as a remedy from an injury suffered.
As a noun, “claim” is a demand for something that is due, usually in a written format.

Difference between: A lawyer. A solicitor. A barrister. An advocate. An attorney

Watch the video carefully

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What Impact Will an IBOR Transition Have on Your Documents?

<a href="">RACHEL VANNI</a><br>

Rachel Vanni is a California attorney, founder of Local Content, and freelance writer based in San Diego, CA. The combination of her legal experience with her passion for writing provides a unique and practical perspective on all things family, civil, and business.

The Financial Conduct Authority announced the transition from the London Interbank Offered Rates (LIBOR) to Risk-Free Rates (RFRs) by year-end 2021. While banks will be able to submit LIBOR until the deadline, the transition will cause a considerable ripple effect within the global economy, with sweeping changes that will need to be made within the next two years. Financial institutions, investors, and legal counsel will need to assess their documents’ dependency on this reference rate and start developing alternatives in preparation for this significant impending market shift.

This will be a considerable challenge to tackle. Thankfully, legal tech has powerful digital tools that will prove invaluable as firms and corporations tackle the big changes needed during the transition.