property rights social networks авторські права

Nicholas’s photos


plaintiff, claimant – позивач

claim – позовна заява

proceedings – провадження у справі

Court of Appeal – апеляційний суд

object – заперучувати

application, motion – клопотання

defendant – відповідач

lawsuit – судовий процес, позов, тяжба

court hearing – судове засідання

to take legal action against smb – позиватися про когось

support – підтримувати

Task 1

Put questions reflecting the main conflict between Nickolas and other sides.

On August 9, 2021, at night at about 1:40 am, Mount Etna erupted, accompanied by a loud roar and a fountain of lava. This was followed by a significant emission of ash.

At that time, the famous Ukrainian photographer Nicholas G. E. was in Italy. Nicholas took a series of photographs of the erupting volcano and posted beautiful photos as first-hand-account photos at “Ukrainian vision” – Ukrainian pictures platform. Soon after Nicholas’s posting, the photos went viral.

Unfortunately for Nicholas, someone else copied and posted his pictures on their own Instagram page and claimed ownership.