5 Tips To Grow Your Startup

How many startups launched last year? How many of them succeeded? While some of them fail simply because they didn’t create something people want. A bigger chunk vanished due to the wrong execution of their growth and marketing.

Growth is key, yet growing a startup is really hard.

Many founders struggle to figure it out. What makes it even harder is the overwhelming amount of tactics and the “one size fits all” hacks that dictate how we should be running our own growth & marketing efforts.

While these pieces of advice are supposed to be an inspiration, a lot of founders take them as a prescription and apply them them regardless of the context of their product or customers.

I think this happens because many founders love “short-cuts” and fantasize about hockey-stick curves. Stories we heard about Dropbox, Airbnb or other unicorns led us to think that growth is about chasing this one silver bullet that will change the course of our history.

What these startups did instead was ask a single question: “What marketing channel(s) will help us find our dream customers?”

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