Additional learning materials

The page contains additional learning materials for students and teachers (Legal English)

Digital Markets Act

Ukraine: Human Rights and Rule of Law

EU institutions and bodies: set-up and location

EU institutions

EU Bodies

Criminal Law of Ukraine

Contracts and obligations under Ukrainian Civil Law

Investigative interviewing

Summaries of EU legislation

Guidelines for civil society organisations (PDF)

Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU)

Legal translators/interpreters (EU)

The justice system and the constitution in UK

European Union Aims and Values, Purpose and Priorities

The judicial system of Ukraine

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine

The Supreme Court of Ukraine

EU courts

Types of legal professions in EU

Precedence of European law

The Differences between Federal, State, and Local Laws (USA)

Ukrainian Penitentiary System Reform

Sources of Law

Steps of creating laws in Ukraine and EU

The Geneva Conventions