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Module 1. Diving into business (topics 1-3).

Topic 1. Employment, Recruiting and Hiring (free of charge).
Topic 2. Communication ($9).
Topic 3. Company ($9).

Total for Module 1 – $18.

You can leave after completing Topic 1 without any financial obligations for you.

Kyiv Business and Law School

Business English online course. Module 1. “Diving into business”:

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This Course has an action-oriented approach which takes into account initial basic elements of language business communication.

Studying this course will allow the learners to obtain the necessary knowledge and practical skills in the following areas: compilation a strong and perfect CV (resume), be ready for a successful interview, hiring the right employee, office etiquette knowledge, e-mail and phone communication skills and workplace communication skills.

In addition, the course also examines the concepts and types of companies, their structure and staff.

An international team of teachers from the UK and Ukraine spent a lot of effort and time to create this course for you. But only you can successfully complete the course and get a certificate.

The Course has no time limits.