Cybercrime of the future today: Ransomware Attacks

Mariia Mazokha, Polina Fitsak, IE, group 110i, KNEU


Cybercrime of the future today: Ransomware Attacks

It is an undeniable fact that cybercrime and, in particular, ransomware attacks are a real threat to network users. At the same time, the main threat is that not only regular users of the network are harmed, but also large companies whose activities are impossible without modern technology, computers and data storage on the Internet. This has interested us as researchers, so in the process of writing, based on the analysis of available materials, we identified the main types of virus and investigated the measures that should be taken in case you are the victim of an attack, as well as the measures taken by the government to protect citizens from cyber-fraud.

The purpose of the given work is to carry out the research of the given type of a computer virus, spheres of its influence, the most scale cases of application of the given program and definition of methods of protection against similar threats.