conference abstracts HUMAN BIOSOCIALITY


Костовецька А.О. 
«Міжнародна економіка і менеджмент»,
1 курс ДВНЗ «Київський національний економічний університет імені Вадима Гетьмана» Науковий керівний –к.ю.н, професор кафедри теорії та історії права Мачуський В.В

Today, there is a question of the legal personality of the citizen, which is urgent. It is caused by the growing share of the value of international norms on the legal status of the individual, as well as the lack of a universally recognized position among scientists, primarily because of the lack of clarity of understanding of the legal position of the individual in the international arena, legal personality.

Opinions of scientists are dispersed, the overwhelming majority views the individual only as participant. The other part gives rights. Less than 1% of scientists suggested that in certain exceptional circumstances an individual may be recognized as a holder of  rights and responsibilities.

The purpose of this work is to carry out the research about the human biosociality, citizenship, rights and responsibilities, role in society.

The relevance of the topic is due to the rights of people in society and the country in all spheres of human life, the emergence of new requirements of mankind.

In the course of the study, the following tasks were performed: analysis of a person in society, identification of the role of a person as a person, law and obligation.