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Матеріали до лекції “Основи адміністративного права України”

  1. Поняття адміністративного права як галузі права України. 
  2. Поняття і класифікація органів виконавчої влади.
  3. Загальні засади державної служби. 
  4. Адміністративне правопорушення і адміністративна відповідальність.

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#IE: Research-Based Advice for Women Working in Male-Dominated Fields

Sian Beilock


When it comes to gender equality in the workplace, organizations are keeping a slow — and I do mean slow— and steady pace.

In 2018, 26 years after the first “Year of the Woman” in 1992, a historic 102 women were elected to the House of Representatives. However, they still represent less than 25% of the total number of elected officials in the chamber. A record 248 women were appointed board directors among some of the most prominent companies in the U.S., but they make up just 31% of total new board directors selected last year. And while Donna Strickland became the first woman in 55 years — and the third woman overall — to win the Noble Prize in physics, women are still grossly underrepresented in many STEM fields and are more likely to face gender discrimination on the job.

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