property rights social networks авторські права

Nicholas’s photos


plaintiff, claimant – позивач

claim – позовна заява

proceedings – провадження у справі

Court of Appeal – апеляційний суд

object – заперучувати

application, motion – клопотання

defendant – відповідач

lawsuit – судовий процес, позов, тяжба

court hearing – судове засідання

to take legal action against smb – позиватися про когось

support – підтримувати

Task 1

Put questions reflecting the main conflict between Nickolas and other sides.

On August 9, 2022, at night at about 1:40 am, Mount Etna erupted, accompanied by a loud roar and a fountain of lava. This was followed by a significant emission of ash.

At that time, the famous Ukrainian photographer Nicholas G. E. was in Italy. Nicholas took a series of photographs of the erupting volcano and posted beautiful photos as first-hand-account photos at “Ukrainian vision” – Ukrainian pictures platform. Soon after Nicholas’s posting, the photos went viral.

Unfortunately for Nicholas, someone else copied and posted his pictures on their own Instagram page and claimed ownership.

business business law social networks

Business In Social Networks: Legal Features And Taxation In Ukraine.

Tetyana Antoniuk, Oleksandra Buhrina,  EO-204i, KNEU


All those who are striving for the successful development of their business today cannot ignore interaction with social networks. Their popularity is so great that there is hardly no better advertising platform for promoting goods or services.

Social networks for business can become an indispensable assistant if they are used correctly.

The purpose of our study is to show the reasons for the popularity of doing business on social networks, analyze the main advantages and disadvantages, tell what are the types of earnings online and how are they regulated (legal aspects).