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EU’s Apple tax case

Apple appeals against EU tax ruling, Brussels says no cause for low tax bill

Apple to appeal EU tax ruling this week, says it was a’convenient target’

The Inside Story of Apple’s $14 Billion Tax Bill

Ireland to formally submit appeal on Apple case this week

The EU Commission’s conclusion that Ireland granted Apple Inc. illegal tax benefits

Apple’s Ireland Bill Puts U.S. Treasury in Tax-Credit Bind Continue reading EU’s Apple tax case


The Benefits of Being a U.S. Virgin Islands Tax Exempt Company

By Steven K. Hardy on October 14, 2016, Posted in Tax & Estate Planning

exemptFor the most part, even though the U.S. Virgin Islands is not a state, most U.S. federal laws apply in the Territory. This includes federal tax law. However, that law is not governed by the Internal Revenue Service. Instead, a separate local tax code called the “mirror system” exists, and it is administered instead by the U.S. Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

The U.S. Virgin Islands has had authority from Congress for more than 50 years to allow for tax-exempt companies within the territory. Here are just a few of the most significant benefits of such a structure: Continue reading The Benefits of Being a U.S. Virgin Islands Tax Exempt Company