Transformation of law

Transformation of law in the process of globalization of society: Indonesia

Globalization has forced countries who wish to become members of the globalized international community to have similar set of laws. This has been especially evident in areas such as banking law, competition law, bankruptcy law, copyright law, patent law, and arbitration law, among others.

Ngamapentelieu Lucrece, ЕО-204і, KNEU


Every state requires a legal system for the normal operation of its society. There is no state that does not have a legal system.

However, depending on the progress of economic development, the legal systems of states can be distinguished into two types: namely, the legal system prevailing in the developed countries and the legal system prevailing in developing countries.

The legal system prevailing in a developed country can be characterized as a legal system that supports industrial society, as developed countries have long been industrialized.