Editorial board

Editor in Chief of Business Law Electronic Resource:

Volodymyr Machuskyy, PhD in law.

Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages, Law Institute, Kyiv National Economic University.

Phone: +380 97 260 7503

E-mail: volodymyr.machuskyy@kneu.edu.ua

Members of the editorial board

Iryna Machuska, Doctor of Law.

Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Labor Law, Law Institute, Kyiv National Economic University.

Phone: +380 67 506 0310

E-mail: i.machuska@ukr.net

Denis Lyons, a barrister at Law at Grays Inn and experienced  trainer. He holds degrees in Philosophy (National University of Ireland) and Law (University of Westminster, London), a PGCE from the Institute of Education (University of London) and a Diploma in teaching English to Adults (DELTA)

E-mail: denjolyons@yahoo.co.uk

Evhenia Kolomiyets-Ludwig, PhD in Law, Kyiv national economic university named after Vadym Hetman, associate professor.

E-mail: janekolomiyets@hotmail.com

Volodymyr Machuskyi, English teacher at the Department of Foreign Languages of the Law Institute of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National University of Economics.

E-mail: volodymyr.machuskyi@kneu.edu.ua