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Legal analytics: an indicative list of the academic discipline’ topics

Legal analytics – a study of the prerequisites for the emergence of legal concepts, analysis of the structure of real legal relations for compliance with their content to the legal form, forecasting the development of events after the onset of a particular legal fact, ensuring an increase in the efficiency of the functioning of the legal mechanism; professional analytical activity in the field of legislation and law enforcement, the use of database analysis, online platforms and artificial intelligence in legal analytics.


Topic 1. Theoretical and legal foundations of analytical activities in the field of the law.
Topic 2. Concept, types and tasks of legal analytics.
Topic 3. Subjects of legal analytical activity.
Topic 4. Legal analytics of the legislation.
Topic 5. Legal analytics of judicial jurisprudence.
Topic 6. Legal analytics of legal technology.
Topic 7. Legal analytics as an element of legal forecasting and modeling.
Topic 8. Legal expertise as a means of legal analytics.
Topic 9. Use of databases and online platforms in legal analytics.
Topic10. Artificial intelligence and legal analytics.

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