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Obtaining an taxpayer card by a foreigner in Ukraine: what is it for?

The foreigner will need to get the registration number of the taxpayer’s account card- to establish a business in Ukraine, to open a bank account, to make investments, to certify constituent documents with his participation, to issue a power of attorney or to conclude any notarized civil contract, to obtain a work permit in Ukraine, etc.

A non-resident taxpayer is obliged to personally or through a legal representative submit to the relevant supervisory authority the registration card of a taxpayer, which is also an application for registration in the State Register, and present an identity document.

For registration, foreigners attach to the Registration Card a document certifying the identity of the foreigner and a certified translation into Ukrainian in the manner prescribed by law (returned upon presentation).

The registration card may be submitted through a representative in the presence of an identity document of such a representative and a document certifying the identity of the principal, or a photocopy (with a clear image), as well as a power of attorney, notarized, for registration of an individual in the State register (upon presentation returned) and its copies.

Foreigners who have a permanent residence permit or a temporary residence permit in Ukraine may register as taxpayers in the state tax inspections in districts, cities, districts in cities, joint state tax inspections corresponding to the place of residence in Ukraine specified in residence permit.
Registration of a natural person – a foreigner in the State Register is carried out within three working days from the date of submission to the controlling body of the Registration Card

At the request of an individual, his representative, the controlling body issues a document certifying registration in the State Register (taxpayer card). Such a document shall indicate the registration number of the taxpayer’s account card.

Regulations on registration of individuals in the State Register of Individuals – Taxpayers

The right to confidentiality is a fundamental right of all taxpayers