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Ukrainian Moto Zen after 60: Kyiv – Grossglockner (II)

Mykyta Pysar

In the era of antiquity, some morally strong people did not travel and did not approve of the travel of others.

Socrates spent his entire life in Athens and did not succumb to the temptation to travel, except for participation in battles.

Seneca generally condemned travel and said: “What profit is there in crossing the sea and in going from one city to another? If you would escape your troubles, you need not another place but another personality.”


Запевнення щодо договору (ст. 650-1 ЦКУ)

Стаття 650-1. Запевнення щодо договору

1. Сторони договору можуть погодити перелік запевнень, що надаються стороною або сторонами щодо обставин, які мають значення для укладення, виконання або припинення такого договору.

2. Сторона, яка умисно або з необережності надала іншій стороні неправдиві запевнення про обставини, що мають значення для укладення, виконання або припинення договору, зобов’язана відшкодувати стороні, яка покладалася на такі запевнення, збитки, завдані у зв’язку з неправдивістю таких запевнень, якщо інше не передбачено договором.

Основні відмінності договорів позички, оренди і позики

Modern legal English virtual assets

Virtual assets and law

Virtual asset - an intangible asset that is subject of civil rights, has value and is expressed in a set of data in electronic form.

Home assignments:

  1. Read the text and put questions to each paragraph.
  2. Explain the features of virtual assets.
  3. Learn vocabulary.
  4. Do the test.
  5. Get ready for a legal battle.
  1. Since 2009, when the first virtual currency, bitcoin, was created, the market for virtual assets and virtual currencies has been growing rapidly and has become significant for the global economy.

The total capitalization of virtual assets and virtual currencies is hundreds of billions of US dollars, the daily trading volume in the virtual currency market exceeds 10 billion US dollars.

Ukraine is among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of the number of users of virtual currencies.

According to expert estimates, the size of the mining segment in Ukraine reaches 100 million US dollars and more per year, the volume of ICO/ITO (initial coin/token offering) companies with Ukrainian origin or the location of development teams – about 100 million US dollars.

The above shows that in Ukraine the sphere of virtual assets and virtual currencies is actively developing.

Ukraine is currently developing legal framework regarding activities related to virtual currencies, including the legal status of virtual currencies, taxation of transactions with them, and the possibility of concluding smart contracts.

The parliament legalized cryptocurrencies in Ukraine

Further development of effective legal regulation of the operation of virtual assets in Ukraine will be implemented by creating a regulatory framework harmonized with EU requirements and an organizational basis for the development of the market of virtual assets and virtual currencies in Ukraine.