Artificial Intelligence round table

Requirements for the design of the round table reports

Requirements for the text of reports:

  1. Volume – up to 3 pages of A-4 format in a text editor Microsoft Word as a file with the * docx extension; font – Times New Roman, size – 14, 1.5 – line spacing; indent for a paragraph – 10 mm; margins – 20 mm.

2. The sequence of placing materials in the report:
a) the name and surname of the author (s) (font – bold);
b) course, faculty; educational institution, city, country (font – italic);
c) the title of the article (capital letters, font – bold);
d) literature (font – bold).

3. Used literature is drawn up at the end of the text under the title “Literature”.
In the text, footnotes are denoted by square brackets indicating the serial number of the source in the list and separated by commas – the page (page) numbers, for example: [2, p. 291]. Any other way of formatting used literature is not allowed.

4. Sample presentation of the text of the report:

Volodymyr Machusky

2nd year student of the Faculty of Law
NUBiP of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

Development of an artificial intelligence control system in Ukraine



  1. Lazor A. D. Artificial intelligence in Ukraine. K .: Ukor, 2021.S. 140.
  2. Pribitkova I. M. Evolution of urban systems in chaci and prospect: Ukrainian vapiant of development. Construction and spatial planning. K .: KNUBA,
  3. Issue. Forty-first P. 368–384.

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