Excursions in Ukraine

Russian-Ukrainian war: Ukraine as an existential threat to Russia

It is necessary to distinguish between the reasons and causes of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The causes for the war were invented by Russia’s political leadership and widely disseminated by Russian propagandists.

Here is an old and proven method of action: the more incredible the lie, the easier it is to believe.

For example,
1. Ukraine is captured by the Nazis, and the Russian army is liberating the Ukrainian people;
2. Ukraine poses a military threat to Russia;
3. The protection of self-proclaimed republics on the territory of Ukraine is the duty of the Russian state, especially after the recognition of these republics by Russia.

It makes no sense to analyze the above causes invented by Russia for the military invasion of Ukraine. The causes can be changed by Russia at any time, depending on the ability of Ukrainians to put up military resistance to the Russian army in Ukraine.

Similarly, the goals of this war can be transformed from “ideological re-education” of Ukrainians to the complete destruction of the Ukrainian people.

At the same time, the reason of the war remain unchanged and will exist regardless of the state of hostilities.

At the moment, there are several reasons for Russia’s war against Ukraine.
Leaving aside the war for human resources and territories, it seems appropriate to dwell on the very existence of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s existence is an existential threat to Russia.

What is meant is not so much a prospering democratic Ukraine, which is an obvious threat to Putin’s authoritarian regime.

This refers to Ukraine as a state and people, whose very existence raises questions about the past and future of Russia.

Today’s Russia is a lost world of human civilization.

The very existence of Ukraine undermines the past and the false foundation of Russian statehood.

Kyiv, as the historical center of the Slavic, Russian state and the Russian world, remains an unacceptable historical and political threat to Russia.

Without Kyiv and Ukraine, the Russian Federation becomes an artificial state entity, incomprehensible in historical and ideological terms and acquires the characteristics of a fake state.

Awareness of the world of Russia as a fake state will lead to geopolitical shifts of a tectonic nature.

Thus, there is a war between Russia and Ukraine for the historical and political birthright.

From Russia’s point of view, Ukrainians must cease to exist as a separate nation. The remnants of this nation, ideologically re-educated, must become a national pro-Russian minority.

From Ukraine’s point of view, Ukrainians are fighting for their independence and right to exist.


By Volodymyr Machuskyy

Prof. at Kyiv National Economic University

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