Ukraine in the Top 10 countries as the simplest jurisdictions for large businesses

Top 10 countries with the simplest jurisdictions for large businesses look like this:


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Doing Business in Ukraine (Legal and Economic Aspects)

Студентами КНЕУ, група ЕМБ-502, в процесі вивчення дисципліни “Правове регулювання діяльності суб’єктів малого бізнесу” підготовлене практичне керівництво Doing Business in Ukraine (Legal and Economic Aspects).

Координатор проекту Чихірьов Володимир Леонідович (старший викладач кафедри правового регулювання економіки).

Зміст практичного керівництва Doing Business in Ukraine (Legal and Economic Aspects): Continue reading #КНЕУ #ЕМБ-502 #ПРЕЗЕНТАЦІЯ #DoingBusinessInUkraine


Practical Guide: Doing Business in Ukraine (Legal and Economic Aspects)


Правова система України (legal system) Кулик О., Тоток А.
Організаційно-правові форми бізнесу (business vehicles) Калиновська О., Палажченко Г.
Створення бізнесу нерезидентами в Україні (establishing a presence from abroad) Каганова М. , Литвиненко Р.
Дозволи і ліцензії (permits and licenses) Васильєв А., Ремез М.
Фінансова звітність (financial reporting) Крамаренко А., Микитюк В.
Право власності і право інтелектуальної власності (ownership right and intellectual property right) Данченко М., Снаговська Є.
Контракти і зобов’язання (contracts and obligations) Зосімов С., Кошарний М.
Захист економічної конкуренції (protection of economic competition) Самірханова А.,
Живов П.
Злиття і поглинання (M & A) Донець І., Горова А.
Оподаткування (taxation) Ходак В., Чумаченко В.
Працевлаштування (employment) Когут В., Попова А.
Захист прав суб’єктів підприємництва (protection of rights of business entities and entrepreneurs) Гилка О.




A “Small Business Act” for Europe

“Think Small First” 

Brussels, 25.6.2008


Managing the transition towards a knowledge-based economy is the key challenge for the EU today. Success will ensure a competitive and dynamic economy with more and better jobs and a higher level of social cohesion.

Dynamic entrepreneurs are particularly well placed to reap opportunities from globalisation and from the acceleration of technological change. Our capacity to build on the growth and innovation potential of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will therefore be decisive for the future prosperity of the EU. In a globally changing landscape characterised by continuous structural changes and enhanced competitive pressures, the role of SMEs in our society has become even more important as providers of employment opportunities and key players for the wellbeing of local and regional communities. Vibrant SMEs will make Europe more robust to stand against the uncertainty thrown up in the globalised world of today. Continue reading A “Small Business Act” for Europe


Interpersonal Skills For Business in Ukraine

                                                                                                                       Jenny Holt

There’s good news in Ukraine as a July 2017 report predicted 3% GDP growth in Ukraine for 2018. Reform is helping businesses to flourish and both consumers and business owners are engaging to help bring an upturn to the economy which last saw growth in 2012.

For business people, it’s long been shown by the big free market economies that interpersonal skills are king. To get sales and grow a business, it’s almost on par with exercising business due diligence. However, the political situation and world events have created tension is everyday life. How can you develop your skills and become a world-class communicator, to the benefit of your business? Continue reading Interpersonal Skills For Business in Ukraine