Excursions in Ukraine

Walking in Kyiv: True Grit and Ukrainian ethnic painting

For me, there is no city on planet Earth more beautiful and better than Kyiv. This is natural since I was born and live in this city.

For me, there is no place of power better than For me, there is no place of power better than Saint Volodymyr Hill in Kyiv. This is natural, since my name is also Volodymyr.


Winter evening in Kyiv

Literary kiosk

Ukrainian Moto Zen after 60: Kyiv – Grossglockner (VI)

White church and black hats

Mykyta Pysar

Біла Церква. Фото: Роман Наумов

“The wise man, as the proverb says, is late for a fray, but not for a feast.” “To war and battle, as they say, long preparations, Socrates!”

I hope that those few readers who continue to read these notes dedicated to my motorcycle trip from Kyiv to Grossglockner still remember where this trip began. More precisely, it still begins because I am sitting in the McDonald’s on the ring road, thinking about various things that are irrelevant to the trip. But who knows Watson, who knows?

For now, it’s time to get down to practical and concrete things like riding a motorcycle from point A to point B. The time for empty chatter is over! Forward! (I hope someone else remembers this word “Forward” as a password from the novel “Three Musketeers”).

Well, I am on my way to a town that was founded a thousand years ago (the date of foundation is 1032 AD). The founder of the town was the medieval father-in-law of all Europe – Prince Yaroslav the Wise.