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The Future of Legal Tech Is About Transformation, Not Automation

Legal technology has so far shifted the industry incrementally. The next decade could change that.

By Zach Warren The original version of this story was published on Legaltech News

The year is 2030. The fight at the top of the Am Law rankings is between divisions of Deloitte and EY. Many lawyers work from home because local and state courts have largely moved online. Artificial intelligence has made contract drafting and review nearly nonexistent. Most new lawyers are fine with that, anyway, because they came out of law school with AI certifications.

legal tech

Legal tech roadmap

The hype for legal technology is never ending. But before committing to a new platform or workflow, which ones are best for your law team? And what’s the best way to implement them? The Legal Tech Roadmap series overviews where to start in your technology journey, which trends to focus on, and how to make your preferred solution successful.
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