Taxation of business in Ukraine

Oleksii Khomchak, KNEU

The formation of the tax system in our country began with the adoption on June 25, 1991 of the Law of Ukraine “About Taxation”. This Law defined the principles of construction and purpose of the taxation system, gave a list of taxes, fees, named taxpayers and objects of taxation. Thus, the foundations of the taxation system were laid, the preconditions for its further development were created.

“A tax is an economic category that determines the set of relations between the state and members of society regarding the non-equivalent withdrawal and appropriation of part of the state’s income to perform its functions.”

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Business In Social Networks: Legal Features And Taxation In Ukraine.

Tetyana Antoniuk, Oleksandra Buhrina,  EO-204i, KNEU


All those who are striving for the successful development of their business today cannot ignore interaction with social networks. Their popularity is so great that there is hardly no better advertising platform for promoting goods or services.

Social networks for business can become an indispensable assistant if they are used correctly.

The purpose of our study is to show the reasons for the popularity of doing business on social networks, analyze the main advantages and disadvantages, tell what are the types of earnings online and how are they regulated (legal aspects).