навчальні матеріали

Навчально –  довiдковi  матерiали до курсу  “Фахова iноземна мова” для студентiв 2, 3, 4 курсів, що навчаються за спецiальнiстю “Полiтологiя”. Частина 3.

Бурлій В.В.
Бурлій В.В.
Навчально - довiдковi матерiали до курсу "Фахова iноземна мова" для студентiв 2, 3, 4 курсів, що навчаються за спецiальнiстю “Полiтологiя”. Частина 3. (PDF)

1. Political system of  Ukraine. An overview of the history of Ukrainian State.

  Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe in the terms of area (603,700 sq. Km) and  fifth in Europe in terms of population (46.2 million people).  It is a country with a thousand-year history whose roots reach back to the time of Kyivan Rus (9th century).

The lands that make up modern Ukraine’s territory are home to thousands of mysterious and the stories of hundreds peoples, states and cultures. In the history of Ukraine heroic and dramatic plots have taken place over the centuries. 


Ukraine: Commission presents options to make sure that Russia pays for its crimes

The Commission presented today different options to Member States to make sure that Russia is held accountable for the atrocities and crimes committed during the war in Ukraine.

The Commission is proposing to create a new structure to manage frozen and immobilised public Russian assets, invest them and use the proceeds for Ukraine.

The Commission, while continuing to support the work of the International Criminal Court, is ready to work with the international community on setting up an ad hoc international tribunal or a specialised ‘hybrid’ tribunal to investigate and prosecute Russia’s crime of aggression.

Excursions in Ukraine

It is in Ukraine that the global fate of democracy will be determined – address of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to US senators and the Yale community

Thank you so much to everybody for the support! Thank you for the honor of addressing you today.

Dear Mr. Rector!

Dear Senators! I also know you well. Thank you for being with us, supporting us in Kyiv.

Thank you to the honorable professorial team and students!

Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome you all and thank you for your attention to Ukraine!