The Lion King and Denis Lyons

The Lion King and Denis Lyons

As a matter of fact, there is no direct connection between the Lion King and Denis Lyons, but more on that below. The thing is that, despite my mature age, I continue to learn English.

A new generation of Ukrainian and foreign students has appeared in Ukraine, who studies economics and law in English.

While lecturing for them, I needed to learn English, and I set to work on this difficult task. But to study you need a teacher and preferably a good one. And to learn English, a good teacher is doubly needed.

Like everyone, I started attending English courses. This is a good pastime, but nothing more. The more I advance in courses, the more steps I have ahead. You can go to these courses for years. I heard that some do. I can’t blame them.

But I also never heard English children go to English courses. They understand English, they read English, they speak English, but they don’t attend English courses.

So I stopped believing in fairy tales about the opportunity to learn English on my own and quickly, for example, at night in three hours)

I deliberately simplify the approach to learning English, but to a certain extent – good study requires a good teacher. This is where I return to Denis Lyons who has practically no connection with the lion king, but he is the king among English teachers.

Denis Lyons is a barrister at Law at Grays Inn and experienced trainer. He holds degrees in Philosophy (National University of Ireland) and Law (University of Westminster, London), a PGCE from the Institute of Education (University of London) and a Diploma in teaching English to Adults (DELTA).

He is also highly experienced in teaching business English, communication skills and contract law to overseas executives, lawyers, bankers, senior students.

I learn English with Denis via Skype at a convenient time for us. Of course, if I want, I have the opportunity to go to Denis (London) and learn the language there.

But for those who cannot travel to London for face to face training, Mr Lyons can offer on-line training as an alternative.

An extensive course of 1:1 Skype and on line sessions can be provided at times to fit in with each delegate’s schedule (for example 3 hours of Skype contact per week over 10 weeks = 30 hours). All course materials and written feedback on writing exercises are included in the price. The rate for such Skype based sessions is £50 per hour.

Take into account that Denis teaches students who already know the basics of English and can understand English, but at least improve their English qualitatively. As a rule, students of Denis are business executives, lawyers, bankers, etc.

For more detailed information, contact Prof. V. Machuskyy: 

Whether you will continue to walk and pay money for an English course or studying at home via Skype with Denis Lyons, you will turn into a real English lion – it depends only on you.


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