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The Searchers of the Lost Law: The Beginning

The Searchers of the Lost Law: The Beginning

Volodymyr Machuskyy Sr.

Primitive physical being absorbed by society and has no self-interest. Realizing different from other such creature becomes a Person, but at first only in the social and psychological sense. In a legal sense, such a person is only an object.

The ability of a person to become the subject of the Law due to the development of the Person and is connected with awareness of the Law within yourself.

Standing out from the herd, a primitive creature realized itself as a person. A person necessarily has his own interests. Realization of the interests is possible only through subjective rights.

The Law as an idea is a self-sufficient and can exist indefinitely without a person but the exercise of the Law without the Person is an impossible.

Hence, the Law as legal regulation can not be the Law for no one.

A person can also exist without the Law as a single, but if there is only one person the legal regulation is nonsense in general.

At the same time, everyone has the Law in himself and the movement of the Law is due to the interpenetration of the Law in the Person and the Person in the Law.

Originated within the person the Law comes out and connects with the Law as an idea. Intelligent beings, having the Law within himself and the ability to create the Law outside becomes a subject of the Law in the legal relationship.

A Farewell to Law


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