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The Supreme Court of Ukraine

The Supreme Court shall be the highest court in the court system of Ukraine, which shall ensure the sustainability and uniformity of case law following the procedures and in the manner specified by the procedural law.

The Supreme Court shall:

administer justice as a court of cassation instance and in cases stipulated by procedural law – as a court of first or appellate instance within the procedure established by procedural law;

analyze judicial statistics and generalize case law;

issue conclusions on draft laws concerning the judiciary, legal proceedings, the status of judges, enforcement of judgments and other issues related to the functioning of the court system;

issue an opinion on presence or absence of signs of treason or other crimes in actions of which the President of Ukraine is accused of; upon request of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, present a written motion on incapability of the President of Ukraine to exercise his\her powers for health reasons;

address\applies the Constitutional Court of Ukraine regarding constitutionality of laws and other legal acts, as well as regarding the official interpretation of the Constitution of Ukraine;

ensure uniform application of provisions of law by courts of different specializations following the procedure and in the manner stipulated by the procedural law;

exercise other powers envisaged by the law.

The Supreme Court shall consist of not more than two hundred judges.

The structure

Within the Supreme Court there shall be:

1) Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court;

2) Administrative Cassation Court;

3) Commercial Cassation Court;

4) Criminal Cassation Court;

5) Civil Cassation Court.


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