Training Courses for Lawyers and Business Executives in Ukraine’s Program

1. English Law & Communication Skills (Private Practice)

* Introduction to the English legal System

  • Comparison with delegates’ systems
  • Introduction to  English Contract Law

* Essential principles of liability under English law

  • Core Legal Terminology
  • Terminology in delegates’’ areas of practice

* Contractual rights under English Law

  • Remedies in Equity and at Common Law
  • Contractual Vs Tortious liability and remedies        
  • Basic Civil Litigation terms and procedure
  • disclosure to trial, judgment and eventual enforcement
  • Communication skills: client briefing, conference, presentation
  • writing skills.

2. Contract Drafting

*     Key aspects of the English legal System

  • How the system affects contract drafting
  • Basic principles of English Contract Law

*     Basic principles of liability under English Law

  • The relationship between tortious and contractual liability
  • The effect of tortious and contractual liability on drafting

*     The structure of International commercial agreements

  • Key Terminology and its uses
  • Commonly confused and misapplied terminology in International agreements
  • Advanced proofing techniques
  • re-drafting of problematic clauses
  • practice in drafting standard clauses in International agreements.

3. English Law and communication

*     Introduction to the English Legal System

  • Comparison with delegate’s system
  • Introduction to English Contract Law

*     English Corporate Law 2 : Corporate Structure and Governance

  • Some current issues in Corporate Governance
  • Some current issues in International Practice
  • commercial practice: Intellectual Property, Employment and Arbitration
  • Presentation, negotiation and professional writing skills

4. English Law & Communication

*      Introduction to English Law

  • Comparison with delegates’ own Law
  • Introduction to English Contract Law

*     Rights of ownership under English Law

  • Encumbrances to Title
  • Loan Agreements

*     Financial Law & Terminology

  • Secured Transactions : Charges & Liens
  • Negotiable Instruments & Promissory Notes
  • as the subprime crisis,
  • fraud and white-collar crime
  • ECB stress- testing,
  • the future of the Eurozone
  •  financial markets post-Brexit .

5. Written English Communication

*     Key aspects of English Law

  • The effect of background Law on the drafting of legal documents
  • Common legal terminology in legal documents

*     The construction of liability under English law

  • The effect of liability principles on the drafting of legal documents
  • Essential terminology in commercial legal documents

*   The relationship between contractual and tortious liability

  • The effect of such liability on the drafting of legal documents
  • Essential terminology in corporate legal documents
  • advanced proofing,
  • editing and re-writing technique
  • drafting correspondence