ukrainian law

Ukrainian Law Fundamentals (PDF+EPUB)

First of all, it is necessary to say what this self-study handbook is about and for whom one is intended.

The self-study handbook is devoted to Ukrainian law and, to be more precise, it is devoted to the basics of Ukrainian law for non-lawyers in English.

Does this mean that this self-study handbook may be of interest only to Ukrainians? Of course not. Ukrainian law rooted in the law of Byzantium, Germany and Poland, Lithuania and Russia, in a sense is the integration of various legal trends and directions of the so-called continental law.

Hence, the self-study handbook can be useful to all those interested in civil law as such. 

Chapter 1. The Legal Norms.
Chapter 2. The Nature Of The Law.
Chapter 3. The Basics Types Of Law Understanding.
Chapter 4.The Main Legal Systems Overview.
Chapter 5. Steps of Creating Laws in Ukraine and EU.

The number of pages is 95