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Ukrainian Moto Zen after 60: Kyiv – Grossglockner (II)

Mykyta Pysar

In the era of antiquity, some morally strong people did not travel and did not approve of the travel of others.

Socrates spent his entire life in Athens and did not succumb to the temptation to travel, except for participation in battles.

Seneca generally condemned travel and said: “What profit is there in crossing the sea and in going from one city to another? If you would escape your troubles, you need not another place but another personality.”

The travel industry is a huge factory for selling emotions and impressions today. See the sights and take pictures. Crowd after crowd is like wave after wave. Mediocrity seeks the crowd, the extraordinary seeks loneliness. This is the way they say.

Which path will you choose? Thoughtless movement in space like a flock of sheep under the control of a shepherd – cicerone? Or the path to oneself, through cognition of people and nature via mental look? You, the Thousandth Man, who travelled far and wide, follow me looking for dreams and happiness!

Ukrainian Moto Zen after 60: Kyiv – Grossglockner (I)

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