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Gender. Women.

Mykyta Pysar

“But it is very dangerous to look deeper into the hearts of women.” 

– “Dead Souls”, a novel by Mykola Gogol.

“Yes! I got married. But I didn’t die.” – from a conversation between two men in a Kyiv bar.

“Tu mettrais l’univers entier dans ta ruelle,

Femme impure! L’ennui rend ton âme cruelle.” – Charles Baudelaire

Gender! Gender! Gender! The wave of gender, like a tsunami as high as Mont Blanc, rolls around the globe. 

I can still see from here a clear calm morning on the beach in Pandemonium, where all these Charlie Weinstein’ brothers are taking sea baths. Silence and serenity are present here. 

Sexual harassment is safely hidden under the cover of public acquiescence and non-disclosure agreements. Some fat bastard even sarcastically asks another pretty woman: “If you go up to this room, do you really not understand why you are invited here?” Or some fool judge will take and blurt out: “Maybe you should have kept your legs together, and not spread them?” What a fabulous and comfortable world. For men, of course.

Unfortunately for these men, a tectonic shift occurs in the collective unconscious and a sub-earthquake generates a tsunami wave called #MeToo.

This wave of an already inexorable mass falls on the beach and destroys the entire coastline: hotels, sun loungers, Charlie Vinstein and his brothers. 

The Pandemonium of sexual harassment disappeared as well as the suburbs of Troy, flooded by the gods.

Yes, Pandemonium disappeared, but the mainland remained, stretching for miles around.

Perhaps, the wave of gender needs a rational and irrational explanation. Hence, if there are 2,000 Charlie Weinstein in the world, then understanding the nature of each of them, we will not be able to understand why there are exactly 2,000 Charlie Weinsteins.

Stop! Wait, what am I talking about? I was going to tell you about the beauty of Ukrainian women.They are often smart, determined and bold. And you should know every fifth Ukrainian girl can play the role of a James Bond.

Oh, dear James. You are the last bastion of consumerism towards women. For this we love you! Do you remember: “Do not worry you are not my type. – Smart? – Single!

No, Bond is probably not a very good example in this case. Perhaps it is worth saying that “The victorious march of the wave of gender across the planet is the payback for the millennial domination of men over women.

Be that as it may, I’m going to leave the town White Church and move on. I was here earlier in my twenties and am here now in my sixties. What a city! What girls! 

In my twenties I was a soldier of the Soviet army here and was sent from here straight to Afghanistan (hello to Dr. Watson). Now I am posting this test on facebook. I live in the future!

P.S. I’ll tell you about my motorcycle next time.




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