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Ukrainian Moto Zen after 60: Kyiv – Grossglockner (V)

Mykyta Pysar

This is the Way as mandalorians say. Aristotle, exploring the nature of the soul, primarily considered the movement. Well, the unconditional craving of a person for a motorcycle can be explained by the movement of the soul only. 

All these people (young and old, poor and rich, having cars and without cars and so on), driven by an inner intention that arises in their souls, strive not only to buy a motorcycle, but also to ride one.

Quite often there is no economic sense in owning a motorcycle. Any item with the prefix “moto” costs several times more than ordinary items. Riding pleasure sometimes looks rather dubious.

Constant hum of the motor. Exhausting heat in summer and illness of the nasopharynx in the cold season. The habit of looking at the sky all the time in anticipation of rain.

In a word, it reminds me a little of a tropical island, where the heroes of the film with a happy ending will certainly go to their permanent residence.

But as they say, tourism is one thing and immigration is another thing. 

After a month of living on the island, you will certainly want to escape from there.

But the motorcyclists not only do not run away, but continue their way in the heat and cold, in the rain and in the drought. Why do they keep doing this? Why are they continuing along this way? The way to where? That is the question.

I think, in this way, the movement born in the soul of a motorcyclist achieves unity with the movement of a motorcycle and thus the way leads us to Zen. 

As the Spanish poet said: “The main thing is that the soul could fulfill its hope.”

Ukrainian Moto Zen after 60: Kyiv – Grossglockner (IV)

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